Head Start

To celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and promote the actualization of the child's potential, we strive to provide a nurturing, stimulating environment that will enable each child to live a satisfying and productive life.



First Step Child Care Center, Inc. was established in 1999 by our Director, Laura Foster. Having earned both a BA and MA in education, Ms. Foster then gathered extensive experience in the classroom and has served as a highly regarded administrator in a large public school system. Her success led her to create her own early childhood program, based on effective practices she has researched, applied and observed. The result is First Step Child Care Center.

In 2015 First Step embarked on an exciting adventure through the establishment of a Head Start program for our 3-5 year old children. In 2017 we expanded our Head Start program and added an EARLY Head Start program for our tiniest clients!

In partnership with the Ounce of Prevention, we have enhanced our program through the application of a high quality, evidence-based curriculum​ facilitated by highly skilled teachers.

Head Start offers families a wide range of services to assist them in providing an enriching, nurturing environment to promote their child's development. Parents are the child's first teachers and Head Start supports the efforts of families in ways that ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Working with our Family Support Services Specialists, parents/guardians make community connections that improve the health, educations and skills development for children and families.